5 Reasons Every Man Cave Needs an Ice Maker

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Running around re-filling ice trays while you have guests is not ayoba. Even worse is leaving your guests while you run to the garage to buy ice when you run out halfway through a poker night.

Life is easier and frankly, more enjoyable when you make the call to get an ice making machine. So, if you need a little convincing to push you over the edge and onto that buy now button, here it is:

Here are our super convincing top five reasons to add an ice-making machine to your kit:

1. Convenient and economically savvy.

South Africa has one of the longest summers in the world. This is great for tanning but not so great for keeping anything cool. For that, we need ice. Without it, your drinks will just not make the grade. Furthermore, it certainly won’t give you any relief from the heat.

You might be tempted to save a couple of “rondts” and just carry a thermos flask with cold water and fridge-tray ice around all day. However, you know what they say, “ain’t nobody got time for that!” What about your morning protein shake and sundowners after work?

Sure, you could just go to the garage or supermarket and buy a bag of ice every time you need to. these days. However, that’s a risk many of us are no longer willing to take. Add the accumulative cost of store-bought ice and it’s a no-brainer.

At R20 per bag, buying 1 bag of ice per week for 3 years would set you back over R3000. That is more than what a 12kg ice maker costs, except it will last for many years to come.

2. More hygienic than ice trays in the freezer.

While we might not automatically think of a freezer as a dirty place, we keep raw meat in the freezer. This can easily contaminate other items and whether we like to admit it or not, freezers are seldom cleaned.

ice cubes finished

Ice coming into contact with hands is also a possible cause of contamination. With an ice machine being a self-contained unit, it is easy to keep clean. Additionally, a dedicated ice scoop (included) helps keep other potential contaminants at bay.

3. A lit man-cave.

Leaving your guests behind to do ice-runs or serving semi-cold drinks to ration the ice supply is so extra.

Rather, take the plunge and invest in a free-standing ice maker. This will ensure you have enough ice for any occasion. Something the humble ice tray just simply cannot provide.

For bigger groups ( covid permitting) simply start making ice a littler earlier and get ahead of the demand. Fill up a cooler box or put your portable fridge/freezer to work.

gourmet ice cubes

Part of the man cave appeal is that you get to show off your style. Having enough ice on hand opens up a whole new playbook that automatically boosts street cred.

Try a cognac based sazerac, a few boozy Scotch and drambuie rusty nails or a timeless bourbon classic like the old-fashioned. Think Red Bull and vodka, brandy and coke or a couple of Irish monsters.

Some of these are like jet fuel for humans. Without generous amounts of ice, they can make for some serious face plant time. Which makes an ice making machine a healthier choice too. 😉

4. Your best travel buddy.

Traveling with a portable ice maker will change your life.

Those scorching summer trips to the Kruger National Park, where temperatures commonly soar into the 40s mean your camper/caravan/campsite needs a reliable portable ice machine.

Balmy beach days call for adequate slushy soft drinks on the sand. This is best followed by icy sundowners on the deck. Unfortunately, fridge space is often limited in holiday units. Do yourself a favour and take your portable ice maker with you on holiday. It will literally change your life.

We recommend SnoMaster 12 kg ice maker which is compact, reliable and well priced. Especially this week.

5. Brownie points with the ladies.

Planning a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner with that special lady? Set the tone with oysters on a bed of crushed ice, paired with a bottle or two of Champagne or Methode Cap Classique Brut. Chill them in a decent size ice bucket in the comfort of your own home. You’re welcome!

Serve Champagne and oysters at home with ice on tap.
Serve Champagne and oysters at home with ice on tap.

Ok, its not just for man caves, obviously.

Pairing an ice maker with an ice shaver machine (also known as a snow cone machine) is a match made in heaven. When it comes to ice machines, an ice shaver machine is the Robin to your Batman.

Stay frosty around the pool with easy-to-make fresh fruit shaved ice, snow cones and boozy slushies. All you need to do is pop some ice from your table-top or portable ice maker into the ice shaver machine. Add some fruit syrup and/or your favourite boozy go-to and Bob’s your uncle – delicious frosty treats on tap.

Serve your guests ice-cold drinks without worrying about running out of ice.
Serve your guests ice-cold drinks without worrying about running out of ice.

We love feeding our muscles with thick and tasty protein smoothies in the morning or after pumping iron in the gym. Unfortunately many blenders are not up to the challenge of crushing ice. Because of this, you are left with no choice but to manually crush ice before adding it to the blender.

An ice shaver machine is the perfect solution to you ice crushing woes. This completes the trio of kitchen appliances (ice maker, ice shaver and blender) necessary to make the perfect protein smoothie.

Caring for your ice making machine

Around 80% of ice machine problems originate from poor quality water. For best results and longevity of your ice making machine, water must be filtered. Adding a plumbed or freestanding water dispenser to your home ensures filtered water on demand.

Like all kitchen appliances, your ice machine needs to be cleaned and sanitised regularly.

Ice makers perform best in cool ambient air temperatures with cold incoming water in a clean environment. Be sure to place your ice machine with enough clearance all around for good ventilation.

Make sure you also keep it away from the oven. When camping, keep the ice maker in the shade and away from the braai area.

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