We spill the juice on 6 common juicing questions

magimix juicer

Juicing is on everyone’s lips. Be it downing a shot of ginger juice to kickstart your day, sipping on a red juice with your lunch or getting your dose of leafy greens before your gym session.

How to Choose the Perfect Kettle

coffee and kettle

Every cuppa starts with the invigorating sound of bubbling, hot water. It is no wonder that the once overlooked and underappreciated kettle has now become a style statement in the kitchen.

Six Hot Questions Answered About The Humble Induction Stove

Turn up the heat in your home kitchen with a Snappy Chef 2-plate Induction Stove.

Be it at work, at home or on the road, make your cooking experience faster and more energy-efficient with an induction stove. Food is life. It doesn’t matter if you are a passionate home cook who loves to entertain or a bachelor who heats up a pre-cooked meal. Not even if you are a wanderlust […]

The Weber Q3000 Gas Braai. Have gas braais finally come into their own?

Your Weber is not just for cooking meat, but also veggies, roast chicken, fish and pizza.

A braai isn’t just a cooking tool, it’s a sacred space where the smell of woodsmoke, long stories, bad/dad jokes, and the sound of a crackling fire brings people together. You Love It- We love it, but, could the Weber Q3000 be the one to start a new braai-normal? There is a lot to be […]