Creative Outdoor Entertainment Area Design Ideas

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Making maximum use of available outdoor space has never been this simple and exciting. Here are a few Outdoor Entertainment Area Design Ideas.

There are few things better than a braai with mates other than having your special someone over for a romantic date. After all, South Africans love outdoor entertaining.

What better area to use than your beautiful garden, porch, patio or stoop and make the best of our gorgeous climate.

Let’s be honest, you are not hanging out in your parent’s living room area anymore. This is your space and your style. Use this opportunity to express yourself freely.

Given the current restrictions, “stay at home” entertaining is going to become the new normal. This is why it’s time to take your entertainment areas to the next level.

That includes taking things outside!

Is your outdoor entertainment area space limited? Don’t fear, we have some cool and creative ideas to help you. With this guide, you can ace your outdoor living and entertaining area.

Comfy couches and a firepit – a simple garden entertainment option

The ever-popular and simple fire pit is a budget-friendly designer option. It creates a magical atmosphere with a couple of burning logs. Super simple.

Outdoor Entertainment Area Design: Cheap but tasteful metal fire pit option that is easy to clean and store.
cheap but tasteful metal fire pit option that is easy to clean and store.

Add your favourite outdoor couch set or drag your furniture into the garden for the night. Voilà! It really IS this easy. (Don’t forget to clean the lawn)

Just add friends, a couple of drinks and serve. Check out Riedel Glasses for that extra touch of class.

Winter entertainment options

Areally simple idea for an outdoor  entertainment area design is a fire pit using only bricks
a really simple design for an outdoor fire pit using only bricks

Depending on where you are, this setup will be just as cosy an area during the winter months. Grab a few warm and fuzzy blankets for your guests. A good sherry or brandy (when you can get it) will make all the difference for a heart-warming outdoor winter garden shindig.

Take your kitchen outside

If the kitchen gets too hot, don’t get out of the kitchen. Just take the kitchen outside!

With a few careful choices, your outdoor porch/patio/stoop area can include all the options of your indoor kitchen.

There are loads of outdoor living kitchen options for cooking to choose from. However, be sure to choose what suits your cooking style best.

A pizza oven can cook pizza, bread and other baked items and stews. However, you will need an additional braai for meat.

built-in braais are ideal options for small spaces that need additional storage options,
Built-in braais are ideal options for small spaces that need additional storage options,.

If your space is limited, you will want to focus on maximum versatility and space-saving. Choose carefully.

Built in Convenience

A built-in counter with a cupboard will come in handy to store your plates, steak knives, glasses and braai accessories.

Add a refrigerator for drinks and meat. With this, you can avoid running inside for everything as you have it all in one place.

Finish with wood, tile or concrete for durable and easy to clean surfaces.

Another outdoor entertainment area design idea is a built-in counter cupboard for plates, cutlery, glasses and accessories.
A built-in counter cupboard for plates, cutlery, glasses and accessories.

A clever outdoor entertainment area design idea is to have a dining bar with bar chairs. It gives you a beach bar feel. At the same time, it will save space by eliminating the need for a separate dining table.

Cooking, having a glass of wine, and chatting with friends while being outside. It’s a win-win situation!

Match Day Snack Bar / Romatic Movie Night

Summer cinema with retro projector in the garden
Summer cinema with retro projector in the garden

If you already have patio furniture, or a few loose chairs (or even an old couch), pay attention! Why not put up a mobile snack bar with a TV set or projector?

We previously spoke about bar carts here.

This is absolutely perfect for match day with the boys. They could also just as easily set the tone for a romantic date night.

Complete your snack bar with a built-in under-counter fridge and a few cupboards. Then follow it up by stocking all your favourite beers and snacks.

This setup is not entirely focused on cooking and dining, but more on entertainment.

Handy decor tips and outdoor entertainment area design ideas

We don’t all have a sprawling tropical garden with a manicured lawn, so we need to consider more options.

Plants are inexpensive and will give any outdoor living space a fresh and vibrant look. Pots are cheap, easy to find, and dont take up much room. Together, they can lift your design aesthetic while giving your space a homely, inviting feel.

Plants are also good for the home environment and contribute to combatting air pollution. Now you can improve your space and do your part for the environment at the same time.

Outdoor Entertainment Area Design
wooden decking or tile are visually appealing ways to create separate areas

The correct lighting can transform the look and feel of your outside entertainment area. For example, a fan hanging from the patio ceiling is super useful in South Africa where temperature can be an issue.

You see, it is the small things that can make all the difference to your outdoor dining space.

When creating your own customized outside entertainment space, it is important to identify its main purpose. This will help you focus on what is necessary and what is not!

Also consider your budget. The more planning you do upfront, the further you will be able to stretch your funds to meet your design goals.

Putting up a beautiful and versatile outside entertainment area, is like creating a new room, but, in your garden.

It increases your available living area while adding more value to your property. Moreover, it optimises your footprint and makes your guests feel even more at home.


Whether your space is big or small, the right outdoor entertainment area design ideas and careful selection is all you need.

Don’t delay! Get started today!

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