Health boosting homemade ice cream trends

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What better way to keep cool in summer and healthy during a pandemic than by making your own vitamin-rich frozen treats with a no-fuss automatic ice cream maker?

Love it? We do!

We’ve got the coolest health-boosting ice cream trends right here for you. Moreover, we have the ultimate automatic ice cream maker to help you!

The new year is in full swing with a cooking summer. Despite our high hopes to throw our masks in the bin, the dreaded virus is still here.

Our solution: eat more ice cream!

And we are not talking about store-bought ice creams. You know those ones full of preservatives, chemical flavours and colourants. We’re talking about home-made, real fruit, honest gelato.

Forget old school, sugar-laden ice cream. Think fresh, fierce and delicious ice cream made in the comfort of your home. Guess what you need for that? Drumroll, please … an automatic ice cream maker!

The one and only automatic ice cream maker

So you can go for a smaller, more affordable, less incredible automatic ice cream maker. But really, only one churns out gobsmacking gelato and silky sorbets without fail. That is the Magimix Gelato Expert Automatic Ice Cream Maker.

Magimix - Gelato Expert 2L automatic ice cream and sorbet maker
Magimix – Gelato Expert 2L ice cream and sorbet maker

How to Use the Magimix Gelato Expert Automatic Ice Cream Maker

This beauty is a fully automatic, self-freezing ice cream, sorbet and frozen yoghurt maker. And it will give you the most heavenly frozen desserts in just 20 to 30 minutes.

How easy is it to use? Take a look for yourself.

  • Pre-freeze the unit. The Magimix Gelato Expert Automatic Ice Cream Maker comes with a built-in freezer unit. It pre-freezes the bowl by simply powering the unit up.
  • Add the ingredients. Add the ingredients through the easy pouring feeding chute.
  • Choose your preferred mode. Select one of the three automatic programs: Gelato (light and airy), Granita (an ultra-refreshing type of sorbet) or Ice Cream (traditional ice cream, creamy sorbet and frozen yoghurt).
  • Start Churning. Switch on churn and let the machine do all the hard work.
  • Wait. Once the correct consistency is reached, the paddle will automatically stop. The ice cream maker effortlessly makes up to 1 litre of ice cream or 1,3 litres of sorbet per batch.

As an added bonus, the Magimix Gelato Expert Ice Cream Maker is also equipped with a manual switch. This allows it to work as both an automatic and manual ice cream maker to match your preference.

Oranges and lemons make stunning sorbets and are a must on a hot day.
Oranges and lemons make stunning sorbets and are a must on a hot day

In addition to those, the all-in-one ice automatic cream machine comes with several accessories. These include 2 steel bowls (1 fixed, 1 removable), a lid to prevent spills, and 2 paddles. It also comes with a measuring cup and a spatula. Thanks to the ice cream maker’s compact size (H 26 cm x W 29 cm x D 37 cm), it fits easily on any kitchen counter top.

Create an array of mouthwatering frozen desserts with peace of mind. This unit has a 3-year guarantee on parts and 2-year guarantee on manufacturing.

As luck would have it, this little gem is on promotion this week. Best of all, it includes a SnoMaster Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker for free. Make sure you don’t miss out!

Let’s talk about healthy ice cream trends!

You now have the ideal automatic ice cream maker. This time, let’s chat about some of the newest and latest health-boosting ice cream trends. Take a look at our top three trends:

1. Crank up the vitamins

Treat your sweetheart with a creamy scoop of pink love ice cream on Valentines Day
Who doesnt love strawberries Treat your sweetheart with a creamy scoop of pink love ice cream on Valentines Day

One of the best ways to pump up your immune system during this pandemic is to load up on vitamin C and D. To that end, we selected some fruity superheroes when it comes to vitamins for you.

  1. Guavas. Top of the vitamin C booster list are guavas. These fleshy fruits are absolutely loaded with this immune boosting vitamin. We totally love them! Mix some coconut into your recipe for extra tropical vibes.
  2. Kiwi fruit. Not only is the lively green (or golden) colour delightful, but the taste is heavenly. The vitamin C dose will also give you a good health kick. Add some mint or apple to your Kiwi ice cream for the freshest summer treat.
  3. Strawberries. Who doesn’t love strawberries? Treat your sweetheart with a creamy scoop of pink love ice cream on Valentine’s Day. With that, you are also getting a healthy dose of vitamin C. You can also pair kiwis with strawberries for a double dose!
  4. Oranges and lemons. We all know that citrus fruits are a no-brainer when it comes to vitamin C. Oranges and lemons make stunning sorbets and are a must on a hot day. Add a sprig of rosemary to your recipe (trust us) or some crisp mint leaves – voilà!
  5. Pineapples. Go tropical and make an adventurous pineapple frozen yoghurt or sorbet for the fruitiest taste. This prickly fruit is packed with vitamin C and lots of healthy enzymes. It’s definitely a must-have this summer. Spice things up by adding a little chilli to the recipe.

2. Boozie chilled treats

The prohibition is over and alcohol is allowed again. This means it’s time to get boozie with your ice cream recipes. Keep it traditional with rum and raisin ice cream. You can also get creative with rum-infused dark chocolate ice cream. Whiskey and salted caramel is a must-try. For a bit of crunch, try whiskey and spiced walnuts.

Take your G&T to the next level and turn it into ice cream or sorbet. Add some blueberries to the mix for some extra fruity goodness. Adult ice creams are all the rage! You can even be a rebel and invite champagne into the game. Use it for a sorbet or add some raspberries for a stunning ice cream.

3. No dairy, no problem

Fresh, fruity and refreshing...balmy summer days call for ice-cold sorbet and ice cream
Fresh, fruity and refreshing… balmy summer days call for ice-cold sorbet.-min

Don’t worry if you are lactose intolerant, vegan or simply don’t like the heaviness of all that cream and milk in traditional ice cream recipes. We’ve got lighter, healthier and 100% vegan friendly idea for you. Yes, you can just substitute cow’s milk with soy or almond milk. However, to get that truly velvety texture, you need to opt for (full-fat) coconut milk.

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