Kitchen Grips Petite BBQ Mitt

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An innovative line of kitchen mitts and hand safety products made of a unique material called FLXaPrene™


  • Heat-Resistant – 500°F/260°C to -134°F/-92°C
  • Unique FLXaPrene™ Material – prevents stains that cause bacteria buildup on the mitt
  • Water-Repellent – protects hands from steam and liquid burns
  • Non-Slip Grip – raised nub surface is engineered to provide a better, safer, non-slip grip
  • Increased Insulation – raised nub surface creates more insulation between the hand and the heat source
  • Flexible – FLXaPrene™ material is soft and pliable, making it very comfortable to use
  • Stain-Resistant – Stains wash off unique FLXaPrene™ material with ease
  • Dishwasher safe – top shelf



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