STAUB - 3.15L Cast Iron Baker, Grey

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The rectangular cast iron roasting dish is part of the proven Staub specialties kitchen range top chefs have come to rely on. Measuring 30 x 20 x 7cm, it holds 3.15 litres and is perfect for bakes and gratins. Pastry lies absolutely flat on its base and even fish, meat and other dishes can be cooked to perfection. What is more, the roasting dish can be used on all types of cooker.

The sturdy side handles are also made of cast iron, are thus easy to grip, making it easier to lift and handle the dish when you need to bake or do a gratin in the oven or transfer it to the table for serving. The cookware dish can also be stacked on top of other dishes in the range to save space, thanks to its practical size and precise design. By opting for this stylish graphite grey Staub roasting dish, you will be adding a professional item of cookware to your kitchen that you can use to succeed with simple and even complicated recipes.

The overall length including handles is 38.3cm.


  • Ideal for oven dishes, very good and even heat distribution
  • Long cold and heat retention
  • Serving in style
  • 30cm length
  • 3cm length including handles
  • 20cm width, 7cm height
  • 3kg weight
  • 15 litre capacity
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