CADAC 2 Plate Gas Stove - Stainless Steel


In stock

Cadac 2 Plate Stainless Steel Stove gas consumption is based on the appliance being operated at full rate laboratory conditions.

– Independent flame control adjustment knobs
– This enables all the burners to be operated independently from one another
– Improved burners
– Operates from a remote cylinder with a hose and regulator / fitting
– The unit fits directly on a Cadac 3kg, 5kg or 7kg LPG Cylinder using a hose and regulator (cylinder not included)
– Hose and regulator included
– LPGSASA Safe Appliance Approval
– Caravanning
– In Case of emergency power outages / home use

– Dimensions: 71cm x 37cm x 11cm
– Material: Stainless steel
– Weight: 6kg
– Operating pressure: Cylinder pressure
– Warranty: 12 Months

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