GEFU - BBQ Grill Brush with interchangeable brush head


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To clean cooking grills perfectly after use there’s the long-life grill brush with exchangeable bristle head.

The fact that the bristle head can be detached from the grill brush has two practical aspects: firstly it can go into the dishwasher for cleaning, and secondly it can be replaced if necessary. The stainless steel bristles are fixed in solid ABS plastic, and the brush’s steel edge makes it easy to remove residues from the cooking grill. The brush grip with its Santoprene inset is both handy and stylish, and thanks to the practical hanging loop the brush can be “parked” within reach.


  • exchangeable bristle head with stainless steel bristles and steel edge
  • hanging loop
  • L 45,5 cm, W 5,7 cm, H 7,1 cm
  • high-grade stainless steel / plastic
  • dishwasher safe


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