Snappy Chef 1-Plate Induction Stove

Ideal for home, travel & party- the Snappy Chef 1-plate Induction Stove fits any occasion and need. Save time, electricity and ultimately- money buy investing in induction. The Snappy Chef 1-plate Induction Stove is portable for easy useand can be built-in for a stylish, elegant finish.


  • Size 405 x 340 x 80mm
  • Cut-out Sizes 385 x 320 x 80mm
  • Weight 3.2 kg
  • Finish Black Chrystal Cooking Zone, surrounded by Tempered Glass-top
  • Light-weight Black Plastic Base-cover
  • 9 Setting programs
  • 179min Timer
  • Child Lock
  • Zones- Cooking Zone- 260mmØ
  • Technical Pan presence detection
  • Automatic switch off when over heating
  • Automatic stand-by when cookware removed
  • Built-in voltage regulator
  • Electrical Rating 2000W
  • Current 7.2A
  • Voltage 220-240V
  • Frequency 60Hz
  • Operating Frequency 50KHz




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