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Anyone who has ever cooked with a really sharp knife knows the fascination with handling. But even the best blade loses sharpness over time. Regular grinding is essential to maintain quality over the long term. But before you immediately pick sharpening steel or sharpening stone and spend hours looking for instructions on how to properly sharpen knives, please read on. The ZWILLING V-Edge knife sharpener takes care of professional resharpening for you. Its patented grinding mechanism is extremely simple and absolutely effective. The knife edge to be sharpened only has to be pulled diagonally from top to bottom – the rest is done by the V-Edge. Thanks to the V-shaped ceramic grinding strips, the entire blade is ground evenly, without the risk of damaging them. Interchangeable angle adapters are available for European and Japanese knives. The adapter, which is not currently in use, can be stored directly in the bottom of the V-Edge to save space. The professional contact strips in different grain sizes can be quickly replaced in just a few simple steps. So that you can see at first glance how good the V-Edge is, great value has been placed on an exceptional design and high-quality workmanship. Instead of storing it in the cupboard, just leave it on the kitchen counter. So you can pull your knives through the V-Edge with fine grain a few times before each use. Your knives will always have professional sharpness and you will have even more fun cooking.


  • Professional knife sharpener
  • Outstanding and reliable sharpening results
  • Easy to use
  • Angle adapter swaps out for Western and Japanese blades
  • Range of sharpening stones with different grains
  • Modern silver/black design
  • Dimensions approx.: 21 cm x 20 cm x 8 cm

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