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The pan from the Cortina Granitium series by BALLARINI is of great service when preparing vegetables, meat and fish. Thanks to a 5-fold GRANITIUM non-stick coating with mineral particles, you hardly have to add oil or other fats when cooking. How to cook gently, quickly and healthily in a pan with a diameter of 20 cm. The pan is suitable for use on gas and electric cookers as well as ceramic hobs. The non-stick coating is extremely scratch-resistant and is also suitable for kitchen utensils made of metal. The pan in forged quality also inspires with its unusual stone look. On the outside it is coated with porcelain enamel. The plastic handle of the pan is ergonomically shaped, heat-resistant and equipped with the thermopoint display. This shows with a red color when the pan has reached the ideal temperature. If the thermopoint turns green again, the pan has cooled. You can now put them in the dishwasher or easily clean them by hand. The pan is flat and is therefore particularly suitable for the preparation of pancakes, omelets and steaks. In this pan from the Cortina Granitium series, Italian cooking tradition combines with your creativity.


• Stainless steel flame guard and screw to guarantee safety and prevent rusting
• Dishwasher safe – high temperature resistant external finish , easy to clean
• Ergonomic heat-insulating soft touch handle for a perfect grip. Oven proof up to 160 C
• Extremely resistant non-stick coating composed of 5 layers ( 3 layers + 2 layers with mineral particles ) for ultra intensive use.
• Granitium – section of the pan
1. Impermeability with maximum non-stick power
2.&3. Double layer of visible hardening materials providing the coating with exceptional scratch and wear resistance
4. Middle layer with diffused resistance reinforcement structure with high mineral content
5. Anchor layer
6. Aluminium body, previously treated and with controlled roughness
7. Stainless protective external layer
• Resistant to metal utensils
• Food – safe aluminium thick body
• Patented Thermopoint , heat indicator for energy saving cooking
– RED : the utensil has reached the optimum frying temperature , this allows the temperature to be reduced and the energy to be saved
– DARK GREEN : the utensil can be touched and washed safely
• Cooking surfaces : gas, electricity radiant ring, electricity, radiant plate
• 5 Year Guarentee
• Made in Italy


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