ZWILLING - 9pc brushed stainless steel cookware set

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The cookware set of the TWIN Classic series is a good basis for the preparation of delicious dishes, because hobby and professional chefs benefit from the excellent material properties. The sandwich base of the pots is made of stainless steel with an aluminum core that effectively absorbs and transfers the heat, evenly over the entire base. So you can not only sear it, but also cook it gently and gently. The 9-piece cookware set includes a roasting pan with a diameter of 20 cm and a capacity of 3 l, in which you can fry larger pieces of meat and then let them go through. The large saucepan with a diameter of 24 cm and a capacity of 7 l is suitable for making soups and stews, but also for cooking dumplings or pasta. A 16 cm diameter saucepan with a 2 l capacity, a further variant with a diameter of 20 cm and a capacity of 4 l as well as a saucepan with a diameter of 16 cm and a capacity of 1.5 l complete the set. Prepare side dishes, vegetables and sauces in the different sized pots, which you can also put in the oven to keep them warm. The pots are also suitable for all types of cookers including induction. The attractive design with a matt surface underlines the high quality of the ZWILLING pots, with which you can prepare delicious dishes every day.


  • Straight traditional design, smooth satin finish.
  • Ergonomic stainless steel handles guarantee safe handling and stay cool during cooking.
  • Accurate and straight pouring without dripping.
  • Tight fitting lid for energy-efficient and water-saving cooking.
  • Integrated measuring scale for precise dosage.
  • Scratch-resistant surface, dishwasher safe.
  • Suitable for all types of cookers (electro, gas, ceran, halogen, induction), and also for use in the oven.
  • The Sandwich base with its strong aluminium core provides optimal heat conduction and stores the heat. It is perfect for the energy-saving, early reduction of the hob’s temperature to a low level.
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