Zwilling - Madura Frying Pan 20cm

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Material:  L sound from high-grade aluminum ensures good thermal conductivity and are, pan-stick layer is coated 4 layers Duraslide heat resistant granite.

Function:  Specialized for fried, stir-fried, fried dishes, … The 4-layer non-stick pan is a layer of Granite Duraslide that is heat resistant, does not worry about peeling when using metal cookware.

Note: Priority is given to cleaning the pan by hand (use a soft cloth, gently wipe), avoid using sharp objects in contact, rubbing directly on the surface of the pan. Safe hygiene pan with dishwasher.

Store the pan in a dry place.

Use with all types of cookers, except induction cookers.

• Modern sophisticated Italian design, technical quality meets German standards.
• Excellent heat distribution, suitable for fried, stir-fried, and pan-fried dishes.
• Duraslide Granite multilayer surface, which is 40 times more durable than traditional PTFE anti-stick.
• Completely PFOA-free, safe for users.

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