ZWILLING - stainless steel Frying pan 28cm

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The frying pan from the TWIN® Choice series is ideal for searing meat. In it steaks, fillets and other pieces of meat get a nice crispy crust and remain tender and juicy inside. But fried potatoes and many other dishes also work very well in this pan, because their materials distribute the heat quickly and evenly. The entire surface can be used for frying up to the edge. The 3-layer SIGMA Clad material ensures optimum heat distribution in the frying pan. It consists of two different layers of stainless steel that enclose an aluminum layer. One of the stainless steel layers is magnetic stainless steel, so you can also use this pan on an induction hob. Stainless steel is scratch-resistant and very robust. It’s also hygienic, tasteless and is characterized by its ease of care. You can roast several pieces of meat at the same time in the large frying pan with a diameter of 28 cm. This pan is therefore also suitable for families and anyone who likes to entertain guests. The handle with its ergonomic shape helps you to handle it easily during cooking. To keep it always at hand, you can hang the pan on a hook or a bar. In the high-quality frying pan from ZWILLING you prepare aromatic meat dishes and tasty side dishes gently and energy-saving.


  • High quality 18/10 stainless steel surface, hygienic and tasteless
  • SIGMA Clad 3-layer material
  • Even and fast heat distribution right up to the edge
  • Suitable for induction
  • ZWILLING- Lifetime Warranty
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