Cuisipro V-Grater Shaver Rasp

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Perfect for slicing garlic or chocolate shavings as a garnish. Cuisipro V Graters feature our exclusive Surface Glide Technology and V pattern to reduce resistance and provide better control so grating is effortless and efficient. Exclusive to Cuisipro, Surface Glide Technology grooved grating surface takes etched graters to the next level by creating the perfect balance between ease of grating and maximum efficiency for the ultimate grating experience. The science behind this technology is based on the repeated grooved pattern that is spread evenly across the face of the grating surface creating a larger cutting surface for food, therefore, grating more with less effort.

  • V pattern guides grating movement to improve the safety and efficiency of each stroke
  • Patented* Surface Glide TechnologyTM. Grate more with less effort
  • Constructed with durable stainless steel for long lasting use and enjoyment
  • The solid flat frame designed not to bend and will withstand years of use
  • Non-slip band for stability when grating
  • Protective cover doubles as measuring tool
  • Notched comfortable non-slip handle
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