GEFU - Nutmeg Mill MOSCATA

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The nutmeg mill equipped with a LASER CUT grinding mechanism grinds nutmegs, tonka beans or hazelnuts completely.


  • LASER CUT grinding mechanism
  • Integrated storage compartment for up to 4 nutmegs
  • Comes with flavor-lock cap
  • Lock-in function (marked Open – Close) for safe filling with up to 1 nutmeg
  • Handle folded out for easy operation
  • L 5,8 cm, W 5,2 cm, H 15,1 cm
  • high-grade stainless steel / plastic

Equipped with a Laser Cut grater mechanism, the mill grinds nutmegs and hazelnuts completely. In addition, it features an integrated storage compartment with flavor-lock lid holding up to four nutmegs. Thanks to the practical lock-in function, which is also visualized on the mill by the words “Open – Close”, the mill is safely and easily filled with maximum one whole nutmeg. Well-designed even in the tiniest details, the nutmeg mill also features a flavor-lock lid which prevents mess at the table. The well thought-out handle can be folded out for easy working and back for space-saving storage.

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