GEFU - Rotary Grater PECORINO

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With its two interchangeable LASER CUT grating drums – coarse and fine – the rotary grater is versatile in use.


  • 2 interchangeable grater drums (fine and coarse)
  • For grating cheese / nuts / garlic / chocolate etc.
  • Closable storage compartment
  • Grating directly into the storage compartment possible
  • Odour-free working
  • Food is grated completely, without waste
  • Easy interchanging of drums
  • Dismountable for easy cleaning
  • L 4,8 cm, W 20,5 cm, H 11,0 cm
  • high-grade stainless steel / plastic
  • dishwasher safe

Thanks to its two interchangeable drums, the rotary grater is suited for making shavings and fine crumbs. Just put hard cheese, nuts, chocolate or garlic into the inlet funnel, turn the handle – and done! The sophisticated engineering of the rotary grater allows the almost complete utilization of the material you want to grate while keeping your hands safely away from it and guaranteeing odour-free and clean working. And you are sure to be able to interchange the drums with a few movements. The secret is the sharpness of the grating drums, which it owes to the Laser Cut Technique.

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