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This flexible, slip-proof pot mat makes the worktop heat-resistant: being of adjustable size, it is suited for any commercial pot format.


  • adjustable to fit any commercial pot size (15 – 26 cm / 6 – 10 in)
  • heat-resistant up to 240°C / 466°F
  • slip-proof
  • foldable for space-saving storage
  • L 12,8 cm, W 12,8 cm, H 1,6 cm
  • high-grade stainless steel / plastic
  • dishwasher safe

The combination of high-grade stainless steel and silicone and nylon, both heat-resistant up to 240°C / 466°F, makes the pot mat a practical kitchen utensil of utmost flexibility: its size is adjustable to fit any commercial pot format, and it provides slip-proof protection both for table top and worktop. After use it transforms into a compact triangle which takes up little space in the kitchen drawer or on the kitchen rail.

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