The Weber Q3000 Gas Braai. Have gas braais finally come into their own?

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A braai isn’t just a cooking tool, it’s a sacred space where the smell of woodsmoke, long stories, bad/dad jokes, and the sound of a crackling fire brings people together. You Love It- We love it, but, could the Weber Q3000 be the one to start a new braai-normal?

There is a lot to be said for the traditional South African braai but it is not without its negatives, Woodsmoke smells fantastic until it’s in your hair or in your clothes for hours afterwards.

For some, not having to wait for coals to reach the perfect temperature is out the window is enough to make the move. For those living in apartments or environmentally conscious eco-estates, an open fire is not an option and the push to gas is based on a practical requirement.

But, for most of us, the hassle of cleaning out a coal braai might just be enough to convince us to switch.

Let’s take a look at what we feel is a top contender, should you do decide to make the change from coal to gas.

The Weber Q3000 Gas Braai

Slick lines, durable materials and compact design means the Q3000 will fit in anywhere.

Say No To Space Invaders,.

The Weber Q3000 is an all in one option that has got you covered on pretty much every front. By now, thanks to a global pandemic, we are acutely aware of the value of space which makes a compact braai option very appealing.

When it comes to space-saving, you will not be disappointed. The scaled-down dimensions coupled with folding working tables save you a ton of space. At its largest (with the lid open and tables out) the Weber Q3000 stands 141 cm tall, 127 cm wide and 76 cm deep giving you the extra room you need without losing work area.

Say Yes To Useful Features

The Weber Q3000 is versatile as, like its familiar coal cousins, it offers both direct (braaing over flames) and indirect (like an oven) grilling. A built-in thermometer in the lid makes precision cooking a breeze.

It’s All About Convenience & Durability

No more searching for matches (It’s like no one smokes anymore, right?) or building teepees as lighting a fire is super simple with an electric starter.

A removable drip tray takes the hassle out of cleaning and leaves more time for getting some sun on the guns.

A glass-reinforced nylon frame, stainless steel P-shaped centre burner and porcelain enamelled cast iron cooking grate mean your braai going to last. In addition, a five-year limited warranty seals the deal and make the R10,959 price tag of this Weber braai worth every cent.

How to clean your Weber Q3000 in 5 easy steps

OK, its easier. But you still need to clean a gas braai if you want those perfect seal marks on your steak and if you want to avoid wasting precious beer on a flaming dirty grill.

Following these easy clean-up and maintenance tips will keep your Weber braai in perfect shape and prolong the pleasure of cooking on gas.

1. The grates.

Nobody wants to clean a greasy braai after a fun night so, we recommend getting the basics done while prepping for the festivities.

The easiest and most convenient way is to do a burn-off while pre-heating your Weber gas patio braai. Leave the gas to burn on high for about 15 minutes. Once the grill reaches 300 degrees C, open the lid and brush the grates with a steel brush. For best results, we recommend choosing from the Weber grill brush range (linked below).

A grill brush needs to be replaced at least once a year or when it shows wear and tear. The goo dnews is they are cheap, so you might as well buy a couple to hedge your bets and avoid uneccessary trips to your keyboard.

While the grates are out, pop them in a bucket of hot, soapy water and give them another scrub. Now the underside of the grates are also clean.

2. The burner tube.

If often used, the burner tube should be cleaned once a month. A build-up of food particles that may have fallen through may clog the burner tubes and could potentially catch fire, creating an unwanted flair-up of flames when grilling the Sunday spread.

Remove the grills once the patio braai has completely cooled off. Use a second steel brush and brush up and down the burner tube to scrape off food particles. This shouldn’t take more than two minutes and keeping burner openings unclogged will significantly enhance an even flame distribution.

3. The Cook box (inside the grill)

Use a plastic putty knife to chip away at debris created by food particles and excess dripping that missed the dripping pan. Push all the debris into the opening that leads to the dripping tray.

4. The drip pan.

Now that your Weber Q3000 is clean on the inside, pull out the dripping tray and get rid of its contents. At only R129 per pack of ten, these are inexpensive to replace.

5. Keeping the outside like new.

To quickly and efficiently remove fat and oily deposits from your braai and accessories, use the Weber braai cleaner liquid (R89 for 500ml) it really makes the job easy-peasy. Wait for the braai to cool down completely before using it and wipe with a wet microfibre cloth.

Remove meat drippings on the lid immediately, Once baked on, braai cleaner won’t save you from a serious date with elbow grease tryimng to remove it.

Don’t forget to clean the inside of the lid and the cook box. Spray a good amount of braai cleaner and clean with a nylon scourer and rinse.

Essential accessories to get the most out of your Weber braai experience

Would you put Mercedes mags on a Ferrari? No, never! Then be a gent and compliment your braai set with these essential accessories:

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