We spill the juice on 6 common juicing questions

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Juicing is on everyone’s lips. Be it downing a shot of ginger juice to kickstart your day, sipping on a red juice with your lunch or getting your dose of leafy greens before your gym session. You might even be on a 3-day cleanse, gulping down bottle after bottle of liquidized fruits and veggies all in the name of health. To help get you on the right juicing track, we are answering five common questions about all things juicing.

1. What is the difference between a cold press and a fast juicer?

You know the feeling, when you attempt a home-made green juice and instead of an ultra smooth, perfectly blended drink, you end up with a glass full of sludge. What went wrong? The answer lies in the juicer.

There are essentially two types of juicers: the traditional spinning, fast juicer (also known as a centrifugal juicer) and the cold press. Spinning juicers have a blade that spins at high speed causing the juice of the vegetable or fruit to separate from the flesh. With a cold press juicer, as the name suggests, the contents are simply squashed by pressing slowly to release the juice.

Get your daily intake of a range of fruits and veggies with a juicer.
Get your daily intake of a range of fruits and veggies with a juicer.

2. Is cold pressed juice healthier?

The short answer is yes. The main reason for this is that you get more juice out of veggies and fruit in a cold press than you would in a centrifugal juicer. Studies suggest you can get up to 30% more goodness out of the produce with a cold press. You see, a centrifugal juicer’s super-fast spinning creates heat, which can destroy some enzymes and vitamins in the veggies and fruits.

The cold press does not create any heat in the juicing process. A cold press also creates smoother juice that does not separate so quickly into individual layers of pulpy bits at the bottom and clearer juice sitting at the top.

3. Does cold pressed juice have a longer shelf life?

It does indeed! Cold pressed juice does last longer and can be stored in a fridge for up to 4 days without separating. Juice made in a spinning juicer will start to separate almost immediately.

4. Red, orange or green: which juice is best?

Go orange for your immune system:

Juicing your favourite fruits and veggies for a healthy start to your day.
Juice up your favourite fruits and veggies for a healthy start to your day.

Oranges, lemon, ginger, grapefruit, turmeric and carrot are some must-have ingredients for a powerful juice. Combine at least three of these fruits and veggies to create a flu-fighting, immune-boosting juice that will help keep inflammation at bay.

Green goodness for your gut:

Skip the bowls of salad and get juicing with all the leafy benefits in a green juice.
Skip the bowls of salad and get all the leafy benefits in a green juice.

A healthy gut makes for a healthy body. Gut health has become a buzzword in recent years – and rightly so! Besides being loaded with vitamins and enzymes, green juice is linked to giving your body important prebiotics for your gut and could reduce constipation. From kale and spinach to celery, apple, cucumber and mint – you can just about add anything that is green into your juice.

Boost your body the red way:

juicing Beetroot helps to beat blood pressure problems and support liver function
Beetroot juice beats blood pressure and supports liver function

The main ingredient in most red juices is beetroot. Go for beetroot juice to help reduce your blood pressure and support your liver function. Beetroot juice can also help to maintain a healthy weight (just be careful not to add sugary fruits with your beetroot).

5. Can I over-juice myself?

As with all things in life, anything in excess is problematic – and fresh juices are no exception. Veggie juices are a great way to benefit from vitamins and enzymes and allow you to dose up on those all-important leafy greens in one gulp without having to chew your way through a bowl of kale. Having said that, the amount of vegetables and fruit going into a small bottle of juice can be quite intense and, in some cases, way more than you would normally consume.

You wouldn’t crunch through 3 apples, a whole cucumber and 2 cups of kale in one sitting, right? Blend it all into a juice though and it’s gone in a couple of gulps…and that’s the problem.

Juices contain large amounts of sugar and are therefore often high in calories purely because of the volume of veggies and fruits needed to make a glass full of juice. Juices are also generally low in fibre, as you end up throwing away the pulp which contains the fibre.

The bottom line: go easy on juices. Have a veggie juice as a meal replacement, instead of a drink with your meal. If it is the fibre you are after, rather eat the pear, crunch on a celery stick or make a salad with some kale.

6. Which juicer should you start with?

If you are not ready to fork out a small fortune on a cold press, we suggest starting with the Magimix Juice Expert 3. Made in France, this 3-1 slow juicer has an extra press designed for cold pressing ingredients such as soft or cooked fruit and vegetables. It turns almonds and walnuts into wonderfully creamy juices, milk and smoothies.

The juice filter is a patented cold pressing system intended to extract the maximum from hard-textured fruit and vegetables like apples and carrots and greens such as cabbage, celery and kale for clear, pure juices. Completely BPA free, this juicer comes with a 3- year warranty on parts and a 30-year warranty on the motor for domestic use.

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